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* Loyal Customers

One of the most important things in any business industry is good relationships with present and past clients, vendors and suppliers, as well as everyone involved within your company’s endeavors.  VMS Construction Inc. believes in the importance of these values.  We make every effort to keep our relationships with present and past clients by keeping the lines of communication open.  We really appreciate them as customers and let them know it through constant open contact.  Through the years, this has proved to be a consistent element of our success.

* Our clients are loyal customers that keep coming back.

Our vendors and suppliers are often ones that we have had the pleasure of working with for years.  They work with us hand in hand to make sure materials are delivered onsite and available as to not conflict with our project schedules.

VMS staff is more of a family than colleagues.   It is our mission to all work together to get things done with regards to the client’s satisfaction and expectations.  We feel we have succeeded with this mission with past and current clients, and look forward to continuing our high level of service and business relationships with all future clients.

"Tremendous team effort by all at VMS!
Fred and Gary did a great job – the residents, and the
owners were both very pleased throughout the project”

Rich Wickman
Project Manager / Housing Vermont

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