VMS Construction has had the honor of working with some of the finest architects and engineers throughout Vermont and beyond. In some cases we’ve had the pleasure of working with several of these professionals on a number of different projects. As we move forward we look to continue these relationships and to develop new ones along the way. The following are some of the firms we have partnered with in the past 20 years


Northern Architect

Arnold & Scangas Architects

Stephen Maslack, Architect PC

BMA Architects and Planners

Zaremba-Sopko Associates

Lalire March Architects

Richard Golstein, Architect

UK Architects

NBF Architects

Black River Design

Robert Haight, Architect

Timothy D. Smith Assoc.

Ryan-Biggs Associates

Ramsay Gourd, AIA

Charles Metz, AIA

Steven Lamb, Fred Zimmerman, Architects

Northlake Studio Design

E.H. Danson Associates

S. Russell Groves Architect

Lane Associates

Wiemann-Lamphere Architects

Badger and Associates

W.V. Engineering

Jon A. Traver Associates

Centerline Architects

Joseph Architects

Sellers & Company

Patrick Slattery, Architect

S2 Architecture

Otter Creek Engineering

Forcier Aldrich & Assoc.

Williams & Frehsee Architects

ID3 Architects

David A. Levy Associates

Sanborn/Head & Associates, Inc.

Vermont Architects Collaborative

SAS Architects 

Mark McManus, Architect