VMS Construction undertakes a variety of different contracting methods. The three most used options include Design/Build, Construction Management and General Contracting/Hard Bid.

VMS can also provide assistance in procurement of permits, land, design and financial negotiations.

VMS is an open shop maintaining a labor work force comprised of 15 to 25 skilled carpenters, steel erectors and laborers. This labor work force allows VMS the ability to self-perform many catagories of work including, but not limited to, demolition, misc. concrete, structural steel, misc. steel, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, light gauge metal framing, specialties, pre-engineered metal buildings and more.

VMS Construction is prominent in the pre-engineered metal building industry and will maintain a strong position in this market by continuing the long standing relationship its employees have shared with the metal building systems extending back 30 years. VMS crews have erected pre-engineered metal buildings throughout Vermont and the neighboring states from small additions to large warehouse/office complexes. VMS is a franchised American Buildings dealer.

VMS Constructions administrative and operational organization, in terms of physical size, is compact and manageable. However, in terms of experience and knowledge, we have enormous capacity. The strength of VMS Construction is the combined skills and expertise of our team of administrative and field personnel. The experience of each employee and the relationship and knowledge with regard to each other and to the construction business reflects many years together with VMS Construction, combined, in some cases, with previous experience together with other firms.