VMS Construction has a strong commitment to provide a safe workplace and to establish
policies promoting high standards of employee health and safety, while delivering to the customer
the highest quality product.  In keeping with this commitment, it is the company’s intent to maintain
a Positive Safety Program and a Substance Abuse Program.  

Our employees will conduct both themselves and their work in a safe manner consistent with good construction practices. Responsibility for achieving our safety goals is that of site superintendents, supervisors, employees, and the safety manager with the support of company management. With these basic objectives in mind, the following would be our program to achieve our goals.
Each jobsite is furnished with a safety package which enables the site supervisor to maintain a positive safety program regarding weekly site safety meetings, safety inspections, accident/incident prevention, proper training of personnel, practicing work habits consistent with our trade, maintaining housekeeping above an acceptable level, and monitors condition of tools and equipment.

To further support our efforts, we adhere to OSHA requirements with written policies in Hazardous Communication procedures.  Our Substance Abuse Policy assures our customers that we are providing a drug free work force. Achievement of our objectives will allow us to provide for our customers a quality product and a safe and healthful work area for our employees.

Safety Coordinator:
VMS has a safety coordinator that represents all aspects of safety within this company.  All superintendents are given a company Safety Manual that is reviewed and updated as required by OSHA.  Superintendents are required to do daily inspections of their jobsites as well as give weekly “Toolbox Talks’ to their crews.  VMS is dedicated to providing its employees with continuing education and training to ensure that all on our jobsites are aware of safety standards and operating procedures.  Our jobsites are visited by our safety coordinator as well as our Project Manager to guarantee that these sites are safe to employees, subcontractors, vendors, and the general public.