VMS Construction, Inc. was created in 1992 under the former name, The Quinn Company, Inc. by Thomas A. Quinn, Jr. to operate as a General Construction and Construction Management firm located in Rutland, Vermont. Victor Shappy joined the company in 1994, and acquired ownership in the company in 2001 and became President in 2006. Thomas Quinn retired in 2008 and is no longer with the company.

Victor Shappy was previously employed by two of Vermont’s largest general construction firms, performing similar functions to those he provides to this company today. In 2012, Shappy decided to change the name of the company to VMS Construction, Inc.  He also relocated the Rutland office from 110 Merchants Row to 103 Wales Street.  VMS Construction, Inc. employs office and field administrative personnel who have developed an extensive knowledge in contracting and management, working with VMS Construction, Inc. or its principals in some cases for over 30 years.

VMS Construction, Inc. will maintain a strong position in the commercial and industrial pre-engineered areas by continuing the long standing relationship its employees have shared with metal building systems extending back to 1974.  VMS Construction, Inc. is a franchised “American Buildings Systems” dealer.

The philosophy of VMS Construction, Inc. is that the greatest value for our clients can be obtained through a TEAM approach.  This collaborative approach which we advocate is based upon all parties involved in a project, (the client, architects/engineers, subcontractors, etc.) coming together and working as one TEAM with the focus on providing the highest quality workmanship while maintaining budget and schedule. The hallmarks of this collaboration are communication, cooperation, respect and trust. VMS Construction, Inc. takes great pride in its ability to facilitate this approach on every project, no matter the size.